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The CME Team

CME has a dedicated team of professionals working to deliver results for members and the sector. Click on the links below to find out more about each team member. You can email any member of our staff using

Executive Team

Adrienne LaBombard

Director, Policy & Advocacy

Rosalie Cobai

Director, Communications & Campaigns

Brooke Fowles

Director, Strategy & Governance

Industry Competitiveness & Economics

Aaron Walker

Manager, Industry Competitiveness & Economics

Jasmine Kaur

Senior Policy Advisor, Industry Competitiveness & Economics

Linh Nguyen

Policy Advisor, Industry Competitiveness & Economics

Resource Development & Sustainability

Anita Logiudice

Manager, Resource Development & Sustainability

David Copland

Senior Policy Adviser, Resource Development & Indigenous Affairs

Phoebe Neighbour

Policy Advisor, Climate & Energy

Health, Safety & People

Michelle Gadellaa

Manager, Health Safety and People

Jade Nobbs

Policy Advisor, Health Safety & People

Strategy & Governance

Keelie Hoskin

Manager Business Support

Sage Cuff

Senior Advisor, Business Development & Performance

Sharne Evans

Administration Assistant, Regional

Irene Costello

Financial Controller

Jackie Tomlinson

Finance Assistant


Natasha Mutch

Manager, Media & Communications

Parisa De Jonge

Marketing Manager

Asta Morton

Project Coordinator, Digital Technologies

Olivia Steel

Content & Social Media Officer

Regional Team

Susan Cull

State Manager, Regional WA

Alyce Cockram

Regional Officer, North West

Jason Mennell

Regional Officer, South West

Blessings Masuku

Regional Officer, Goldfields

Resources Industry Training Council

Amanda Hamilton

Manager, Resources Industry Training Council

David Hynes

Industry Engagement Consultant

CME Values


Shared purpose
Focus on ‘moving the needle’
Fail fast and celebrate wins – individual and collectively


Responsive & responsible
Balance between planned and agile
Frequent, smaller conversations


Supportive & collaborative culture
Welcoming workplace to bring whole self to work,
feel valued and have fun!


Act with humility, authenticity & strong moral ethics
Honest interactions, backed by consistent behaviours


All members, staff and stakeholders
feel acknowledged and heard
Earn trust