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CME Events 2021

22 January 2021CME Boardroom Sundowner: Hon. Zak Kirkup MLA & Hon. Bill Marmion MLA
27 January 2021Verisafe Working Group Meetings
3 February 2021CME Lunchbox Learnings Session – Telstra
9 February 2021RITC Advisory Board
15 February 2021Verisafe Strategic Workshop
16 February 2021CME Boardroom Sundowner: Hon. Bill Johnston MLA
18 February 2021Women in Resources Awards – Finalists Breakfast
18 February 2021Public Affairs Working Group
2 March 2021South West Regional Council
5 March 2021CME Women in Resources Awards Dinner
24 March 2021Environment Committee
26 March 2021CME Women in Resources Luncheon – South West
26 March 2021South West Environment Forum
31 March 2021Goldfields Environment Forum
8 April 2021Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group
 April 2021Verisafe Strategic Workshop – Date to be advised
19 April 2021Verisafe Governance Group Meetings
27 April 2021CME Annual General Meeting and Business Lunch
4 May 2021Inspiring Girls
11 May 2021RITC Advisory Board
13 May2021Workforce Capability Group
20 May 2021Public Affairs Working Group
1 June 2021South West Regional Council
14 June 2021Verisafe Working Group Meetings
28 June 2021Verisafe Governance Group Meetings
1 July 2021Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group
21 July 2021Environment Committee
23 July 2021South West Environment Forum
28 July 2021Goldfields Environment Forum
10 August 2021RITC Advisory Board
16 August 2021Verisafe Working Group Meetings
19 August 2021Public Affairs Working Group
1 September 2021South West Regional Council
13 September 2021Verisafe Governance Group Meetings
23 September 2021Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group
4 October 2021Verisafe Working Group Meetings
13 October 2021South West Environment Forum
20 October 2021Environment Committee
25 October 2021Verisafe Governance Group Meetings
27 October 2021Goldfields Environment Forum
16 November 2021RITC Advisory Board
18 November 2021Workforce Capability Group
18 November 2021Public Affairs Working Group
25 November 2021Diversity and Inclusion Reference Group
1 December 2021South West Regional Council
7 December 2021CME Members Christmas Cocktails

WIRA 2022



  • Date: 1 April 2022
  • Time: 5.45pm to 11pm
  • Venue: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Dress: Cocktail / Business Attire


  • Nominations open: 13 September 2021
  • Nominations close: 29 October 2021
  • Tickets on sale: 29 October 2021
  • Finalists announced: 10 January 2022

Visit www.wira.net.au for the latest news and information.