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Objectives & Achievements

As the leading advocate for the Western Australian resources sector, CME’s strategic priorities of Contribution, Capability and Competitiveness provide the mandate to lead proactive and focused advocacy for the resource sector and share our stories of capability, competitiveness and contribution with conviction.


Emphasise how growth in the sector’s investments and products enrich the society and world we live in. Demonstrate the sector’s forward thinking, strength in social purpose and dedication to continuous innovation.


Release of the 2017-18 Economic Contribution Factsheets that details the resource sectors contribution to the state and national economies based on spend for salaries and wages, community contributions, business purchases and payments to government. In total for 2017-18, 41 CME members contributed $57.7 billion to the economy.

Organisation of the Inspiring Girls Careers Forum, which attracted more than 160 female students and their teachers to meet and interact with around 30 company representatives from the WA resources sector at a half-day careers forum.


Build the skills and social capital of the sector’s current workforce, as well as the wider Australian workforce through recognising the sector’s contributions in innovation. Determination to unlock the diversity and capability of all Australians.


  • Biennial reporting of female and Indigenous workforce participation through CME’s Diversity Survey, used to guide and measure strategy and policy regarding the employment of women and Indigenous people in the WA resources sector.
  • A record crowd of more than 1,200 people at the tenth anniversary of the 2019 Women in Resources Awards, recognising the power of gender diversity in the Western Australian resources sector. Organisation of Diversity and Inclusion Forums to promote and share best practice to grow female and Indigenous workforce participation
  • The appointment of CME to represent the resources sector on the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Levy and Collection Act Review Steering Group tasked with reviewing legislative implications of the levy on the resources sector


Strengthen and sustain safe, effective, productive and sustainable returns to the sector. Demonstrate capability to lead on best practice performance, showcasing the sector’s ingenuity and contribution to the society and world.


  • Introduction of the Mining Amendment (Procedures and Validation) Bill 2019 in to the WA Parliament
  • Ministerial Order gazette under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 to provide certainty for existing projects
  • Assisted in advocating for a greater share share of GST redistribution to Western Australia with the passing of legislation in Federal Parliament to put a floor in place
  • Introduction of legislation to State Parliament for the establishment of Infrastructure WA, an independent body to coordinate planning and development of strategic infrastructure to support the resources sector and economic growth for the state
  • The development of a nationally recognised Flexible and Responsive Training System to meet industry needs including development of a suite of automation products for the resources sector