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Economic Contribution Factsheets

CME’s Economic Contribution Factsheets combine data from publicly available sources with survey data obtained from our members to provide a snapshot of the WA resources sector’s contribution to Western Australia, its regions, and our nation.

CME surveys its members annually to quantify the level of expenditure by the WA resources sector on wages and salaries, business purchases, community contributions, and payments to the government at local, state and federal levels. We seek this data at the postcode level, which allows us to explore the sector’s contribution at local and regional levels, as displayed in the factsheets below.

Depending on the detail and volume of responses received, we supplement this survey data with information from members’ annual reports (e.g. financial and sustainability), tax transparency and modern slavery statements. This builds a more complete picture of the sector’s economic contributions.

Once we have the survey data on direct expenditure by the WA resources sector, we also estimate the sector’s indirect contributions to the local, state and national economies through supply chain effects.

For technical detail on how our consultant modelled the indirect supply chain spending effects from direct expenditure, please see the methodology statement and the research paper published in the Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy.