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Carbon capture and storage legislation a practical and necessary step towards net zero

Today’s introduction of legislation by the WA Government to enable greenhouse gas emissions to be transported and stored in the state is an important step towards providing industry with certainty around project planning and achieving net zero targets.
The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA (CME) Chief Executive, Rebecca Tomkinson, said the legislation, which will enable carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS), helped provide some clarity for the broader minerals and energy sectors at a time when industry was calling for governments to be clearer about the path to net zero.
“CCUS is a key measure within a suite of proven technologies that will need to be deployed if we are to decarbonise our economy and reach energy transition targets,” said Ms Tomkinson. 
“CME will now engage with our members on the legislation to ensure it is fit for purpose and supports the WA Government’s own analysis on the crucial role that gas plays in a secure andsustainable energy transition.”
Ms Tomkinson said that as the world raced towards a low-carbon economy, there would also inevitably be an associated increase in the consumption of raw materials such as iron ore, alumina, copper, zinc and lead that were necessary for renewable energy.
“To achieve the Federal Government’s 2030 energy and lower emissions targets, renewable energy will be front and centre,” she said.
“Renewable energy production and the energy transition will be driven by precisely the sorts of resources, minerals and hydrocarbon that WA produces, processes and supplies to the world.
“The reality is that the industry needs to increase production in order to supply the world with the materials it needs for energy transition, and that means managing emissions.
“CCUS is an existing and proven technology which can be rolled out immediately to significantly reduce the emissions profile of our hard-to-abate industries.
“Every industry has a footprint. WA’s resources sector has a well-established environmental, social and governance rigour that positions us well to reduce that footprint in the most scientific and environmentally responsible way possible.
“Ensuring our legislative framework enables the timely adoption of proven technology to reduce emissions is a key step on the path to net zero, a path that runs through WA. How we get there collectively requires a clear roadmap from government,” Ms Tomkinson said.

Media contact: Natasha Mutch
0435 383 382