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CME Statement: Clive Palmer

The following statement can be attributed to Paul Everingham, Chief Executive of The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA (CME):

The amendments moved in Parliament last night were due to a very unique set of complex circumstances.  As such, the WA Government took very unique action against a very unique dispute on behalf of the people of WA.  While some of the proposed amendments are unprecedented, it should be made clear the proposed amendments have no relevance to and are not proposed to be extended to any other such agreements.  As such, the resources sector does not believe that the actions by the WA Government will be detrimental to the resources sector.  The resources sector does not believe that the actions by the WA Government will harm investment in WA.

State Agreements are very important to the resources industry and have been fundamental to the growth of WA.  These agreements bring important long term certainty and enduring responsibilities for all parties.  The WA resources sector works very hard to maintain strong relationships with all stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.  WA resource companies and their employees work hard to successfully produce their specific commodity/commodities.  In return for being able to produce these commodities, the resources sector pay royalties, taxes, fees and charges to all levels of Government.  The WA government is then entrusted by the people of WA to invest these royalties that the sector pays back into WA.