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Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program unveils latest graduates

Late November, the Resources Industry Training Council (RITC) had the opportunity to attend the graduation for the latest cycle of mentors and mentees in the Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program.  

The Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program assists skilled migrant and refugee professionals to improve their employment potential by matching them with mentors from their industry or occupation. Mentors work with mentees to help them build an understanding of Australian workplace culture, provide an insight to the mentee’s profession or industry, and support mentees in furthering their occupationally specific professional networks. 

The RITC enjoyed meeting the latest group of mentors and mentees in the program and looks forward to hearing further success stories as the participants continue their professional careers. 

Year 9 Career Taster Program to start in 2022 

The State Government has launched the Year 9 Career Taster Program, with delivery planned to commence from Term 1, 2022 and then run for four years. 

The Career Taster Program aims to provide students with opportunities to explore career and study pathways and extend their thinking through practical activities and meaningful experiences with the world of work.  

The program itself will consist of a framework of opportunities from which schools can choose and design their own career exploration program. It will consists of two components: exploration and experience, and career development training. The ‘choose and design’ nature affords schools the flexibility to build a program according to student interests, the availability and accessibility of taster experiences, and school capacity.  

Industry participation in the program could include program promotion, providing experiences (e.g., workplace visits, excursions, guest speaking), helping to develop career resources or pathways, and mentoring or coaching students. CME members wishing to be involved in the program are encouraged to reach out to Amanda Hamilton. 

Contact: Amanda Hamilton, Manager – Resources Industry Training Council 
Email: a.hamilton@cmewa.com