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Innovative Safety Solutions Recognised

Programs targeting the health of workers and the safety performance of contractors were among the winners at last night’s CME Safety and Health Innovation Awards 2013.

Rio Tinto Iron Ore was recognised for its mobile camp, CITIC Pacific Mining for its efforts in developing a new filtration system and Tuff Industries for its lock ring catcher.

Additionally, Quiet Acoustics Pty Ltd was voted the People’s Choice for its industrial noise control panel as the industry came together to celebrate initiatives designed to improve on-the-ground safety at resource projects across Western Australia.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA (CME) Chief Executive Reg Howard-Smith congratulated all winners and finalists.

“Innovative programs being developed by individual companies highlight the entire industry’s commitment to continue to improve safety performance,” Mr Howard-Smith said.

“Whether it’s by engineering new solutions to minimise risk or promoting a site culture of safety first, the health and wellbeing of workers continues to be the number one priority of the sector.”

These companies are at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to improve workplace safety – industry’s number one priority,” Mr Howard-Smith said.

“It was pleasing to see that the WA resource sector was fatality free in 2012. Despite this great outcome, everyone acknowledges there is no room for complacency. The resource sector will remain vigilant and work hard to ensure everyone gets home safe and well after finishing work,” Mr Howard-Smith said.

Award winners were announced at the gala dinner of CME’s Safety and Health Conference in Perth.

CME Safety and Health Innovation Awards 2013 Winners:

People Category – RIO TINTO IRON ORE

Resource Explorer Mobile Camp: The Resource Explorer Mobile Camp is a 40 person mobile camp consisting of air-conditioned rooms, with ensuites, a fully equipped kitchen and laundry. The facility supplies its own power and portable water supply and also provides first aid and project office facilities. This extremely robust facility can be transported by prime mover.


New HEPA Filtration System with Maintenance and Testing Program: CITIC Pacific Mining in a joint venture with Work Air Technologies has developed a robust HEPA filtration system, maintenance and testing program to address the issue of mineral fibres such as asbestos entering vehicle cabins at their Sino Iron Cape Preston mine site. The developed system has successfully undergone extensive field testing and is being applied to the entire mining fleet. CITIC Pacific Mining has developed a comprehensive testing regime that compliments this system and allows the filter unit and cab to maintain its integrity during the life of the vehicle and allows for a formalised audit process.

Engineering Category – TUFF INDUSTRIES PTY LTD

Lock Ring Catcher: The Tuff Lock Ring Catcher is designed to help overcome safety issues surrounding the removal and fitting of wheel lock rings on mine site Haul Trucks. Industry procedure when changing a vehicle tyre has been to allow the lock ring, after release, to eject from the wheel and fall to the floor. As lock rings can weigh as much as 60kg on bigger vehicles, there exists potential for injury should contact be made with the ring lock when it releases. Using the Tuff Lock Ring Catcher effectively reduces the risk of accidents whilst creating a safer working environment.

Kwinana Industrial Services were highly commended by the judging panel in the Engineering Category for their portable pressurised self-cooling safety shower and eye wash.

People’s Choice Award – QUIET ACOUSTICS PTY LTDd

The Quiet Acoustic Industrial Noise Control Panel – The Quiet Acoustics panel is West Australian owned and is a locally manufactured panel that uses the principles of resonance to cancel and control low frequency noise. It is the first of its kind globally, being adopted across mining and resources, oil and gas and marine sectors, including equipment enclosures, wall construction on mine camp accommodation, oil and gas rigs, marine vessel interiors and outdoor noise barrier fences. The panel is made from 100% aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels, to produce one of the lightest, stiffest and strongest fibre free building materials available today, which additionally cancels noise.

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