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Economic Contribution Survey 2020-21 – Launching soon! 

Our annual Economic Contribution factsheets are a key component of our advocacy on behalf of members. They offer an accessible and digestible summary of the critical contributions our sector makes to national, state and local economies. The factsheets and headline figures are promoted on social media and attract mainstream media coverage.    

The 2019-20 factsheets can be accessed here. If the sample size allows, the factsheets are produced for state and federal Members of Parliament to demonstrate the positive impacts the sector has in their electorates. With a Federal election likely in 2022, this output will be relevant.   

We are pleased to share that enhancements made this year will enable benchmarking reports to be produced for contributing members. Where the sample size allows, members will be able to benchmark their contributions against peers operating in the same region. 

Your company’s primary survey contact will shortly receive further information about this survey.  Please do not hesitate to reach out at survey@cmewa.com for further details. 

Economics & Productivity Committee Meeting 

Previously known as the Economics and Tax Committee, the Committee has updated its name to reflect the broad mix of priorities on the 2021 Workplan. Along with key issues on the cost of doing business such as royalties and the cumulative impact of government charges, the new name recognises the continuing and increasing focus on: 

  • Policy, regulatory and commercial settings to support downstream strategic industries (e.g. green steel, hydrogen and battery and critical minerals); and 
  • Productivity issues such as access to skilled and experienced workers, labour mobility and the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on the labour market.  

Addressing these issues is fundamental to capitalising on the next wave of investment and ensuring the sector continues to be a driving force of national and state economic recovery.  

Following the recent WA Skills Summit, the Committee also received a presentation from Linda Dawson, Deputy Director General, Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation on work underway in the agency. 

Membership on the Committee is open to all CME member companies and expressions of interest can be sent to Linh Nguyen at L.Nguyen@cmewa.com.  

Perth USA Asia Centre and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Presentation 

The Committee hosted a roundtable with the Perth USAsia Centre and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Professor Gordon Flake from the Perth USAsia Centre set the scene with commentary on the Indo-Pacific and Dr Jeffrey Wilson, Research Director, Perth USAsia Centre focused in on China trade relations. DFAT WA State Director Sarah Hooper provided her perspective on these issues as they related to the WA resources sector. A key message from the forum was that in addition to investing in relationships with current trading partners, investing effort in diversification of markets makes good sense.  

Pilbara Cluster participants helping shape a new industry.

Hydrogen generates a lot of interest

CME and its members have framed a policy document and identified priority areas to work with Government in building a domestic and export hydrogen industry. Critical issues include addressing land tenure, establishing a network of complementary hydrogen hubs, and undertaking legislative and regulatory reform.  

CME recently participated in the launch and framing of the Pilbara Hydrogen Cluster and will play an active role as it and other clusters develop. Well-modelled clusters are particularly important in emerging fields, as they can lead to increased productivity, drive technology development and innovation, and facilitate market opportunities. 

There is currently a lot of interest in hydrogen – the challenge is to harness this energy into tangible and iterative outcomes and avoid a situation where we underdeliver.   

To learn more about CME’s hydrogen work, contact Joseph Doleschal-Ridnell at  joseph.d@cmewa.com or on 0401 322 771.