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Water for the future

The second meeting of the Water Security Sub-Committee was held on Friday July 23 at the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury to discuss issues experienced by South West members due to drying climate, as well as exploring opportunities for collaboration and interconnected solutions.   

The meeting was well attended by members from across the South West and Peel regions, resulting in thoughtful discussion about future-proofing the sector against the effects of climate change and competing water uses.  A third meeting is planned in the coming months. 

Human Resources Forum 

Earlier this month, CME’s South West Regional Council (SWRC) members were asked if they supported the re-establishment of a Human Resources Forum, for professionals working in HR to meet and discuss current issues or initiatives.  After a positive response from the SWRC, expressions of interest have started flowing in from HR teams. 

CME will host the first meeting on Thursday September 23 in its new South West office in Bunbury.  This meeting will include a presentation from the Resources Industry Training Council about the current demand for skilled labour and also VET in schools. There will also be an opportunity for participants to share their learnings and experiences, and a networking lunch will be held at the conclusion of the meeting. 

Contact: Sharon Upston, Manager South West.   
Mobile: 0418 370 052