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Resourceful Mind pilot commences 

The six-month pilot program of Resourceful Mind commenced on July 12. The peer support program, designed specifically for the resources sector, will be delivered by Lifeline WA, in partnership with the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia. Resourceful Mind has been developed by Lifeline and CME after extensive consultation with industry and builds on Lifeline’s experience in training everyday people to support others. This program is part of the broader proactive partnership between Lifeline and CME, as part of a commitment that seeks to develop evidence-based, fit-for-purpose and practical tools and resources to support the sector. The six-month pilot program will be trialled across four WA resources operations. 

Resourceful Mind is focused on peer support and acknowledges that remote operations in the WA resources sector operate as their own communities, with workers spending extended periods of time with their teammates and often forming strong relationships over short periods of time. Within every on-site community, there are “go-to” people that are often sought out for a chat and to provide emotional support for someone going through a tough time. Resourceful Mind will seek to equip those people – ‘Minders’ – with the skills and tools to better support and navigate those conversations and know where to go for help. Virtual training and coaching sessions will be delivered by Lifeline’s highly trained Telephone Crisis Supporters. The training model is based on a membership to the program, allowing industry access to be scalable depending on company needs. 

The WA resources sector continues to be proactive in implementing initiatives that foster mentally healthy workplaces and support its people. Peer-support is one element of a broader suite of strategies in this regard. The sector’s support for the Resourceful Mind pilot is evidence of its commitment to continuous improvement and evidence-based practices in this space. 

Following the completion of the pilot, it is hoped the program will be available for the broader sector in 2022. Companies will be able to access the program on an ‘opt-in’ basis. 

Contact: Laila Nowell, Policy Adviser – Safety, Health and Wellbeing