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Perth fair connects job seekers and employers

On Tuesday April 20, the Resources Industry Training Council (RITC) joined industry representatives in connecting with job seekers at the Perth Jobs Fair. Hosted by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, the Jobs Fair was an opportunity to highlight the entry roles and career pathways within the drilling and mineral laboratory industries.

The event was attended by more than 2700 participants, including job seekers and those in career transition. 

Investigating Occupational Priorities 

For the RITC, this past month has also been spent undertaking extensive research identifying occupations of priority and collating data regarding labour market dynamics, skilling priorities, unmet training needs, and pathways to employment.

This research will be used to further identify and support industry workforce priorities over the short, medium and long term; and to provide advice and guidance into State Government, informing processes and policy development. This work is ongoing.   

Contact: Liz Crompton