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Native Title Legislation Amendment Act 2021 reform passed by Australian Parliament

Following several years of consultation, the Commonwealth Government has passed reforms to the Native Title Act 1993 (Cwth).  

The passing of these reforms has been long-awaited by all stakeholders. While many of the reform amendments are administrative in nature – focused on improving clarity regarding claimant group governance and obligations – there are several which have been watched closely by the resources industry.  

Of particular importance to the resources sector were amendments included to address the uncertainty created by McGlade v Registrar National Native Title Tribunal ([2017] FCAFC 10) regarding Section 31 right to negotiate agreements.  

CME appeared before the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee.  

The Government reform response to the comprehensive review of the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cwth) is also expected shortly, following the publication of the final review report

New Energy Analysis Program added to Exploration Incentive Scheme  

The State Government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme (EIS) co-funded drilling programme has been expanded to include a new Energy Analysis Program (EAP) component.  

Launching in 2021, the EAP will make funding available for analysis of existing State resources and the re-analysis of existing data to promote a better understanding of petroleum and geothermal systems.  

Applications of EAP co-funding will be open twice a year. Allocation of grants will be competitive, with a refund of up to 50 per cent offered up to $50,000 per application.  

Available funding from within the co-funded drilling pool for EAP applications is to be capped at $250,000.  

CME encourages members with petroleum and geothermal interests to consider applying for EAP co-funding.  

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