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Inaugural draft State Infrastructure Strategy released

CME attended the exclusive breakfast launch of Foundations for a Stronger Tomorrow, a 304-page report launched by Infrastructure WA in mid-July. Members interested in a summary of the key draft recommendations of relevance to the WA resources sector should contact CME. We are also keen to receive feedback from members on these recommendations. Like our initial submission, CME will also prepare an industry response to the draft report before it closes on Wednesday 15 September. 

Second stage of the State’s energy future 

CME will engage with Energy Policy WA on their newly announced Energy Industry Development Team, which will be focused on promoting renewables in off-grid mining applications. Members interested in providing feedback on challenges and opportunities in getting renewable projects up and running should contact CME. 

Can we reform our planning systems? 

The State Government has launched a second phase of planning and local government reforms with the aim of improving process efficiency and enhancing consistency in decision making on planning and development matters. This phase of the reforms is seeking feedback on high level proposals, including the proposed establishment of a centralised State referral process to allow agencies, utilities and departments to coordinate heritage, environment and traffic matters on significant and complex development applications.  

Subject to the outcomes, consultation on the requisite legislatives reforms is then expected to occur early next year. Members interested in providing feedback on how our complex planning system can be modernised and simplified should get in touch with CME before submissions close on Friday 20 August. 

Contact: Linh Nguyen, Policy Adviser – Industry Competitiveness