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Highlighting the Mid West’s contribution to our sector

In mid-September, CME’s State Manager – Regional WA Susan Cull headed to Geraldton to speak at the Mid West Major Projects Update conference.  Participating in the conference was a great opportunity to understand the diverse history and exciting future for the resources sector in the region.   

CME’s economic survey data underlines just how valuable an economic contributor the mining sector is to the region. Analysis of 65 member companies from the 2019-20 financial year found that WA’s mining, oil and gas, energy industries contributed $404 million to the Midwest and Gascoyne economy in 2019-20 and directly provided some 1200 full-time jobs for residents of the region.   

The $404 million figure includes $151 million in wages paid to workers who live in the Mid West and Gascoyne regions, as well as payments for goods and services delivered by companies headquartered in the Mid West and undertaking work in the region or elsewhere in the State. 

Conference presenters highlighted their commitment to a growing focus on renewables and energy transformation.  This focus is driving demand for commodities located in the Mid West region including rare earths and other critical minerals. Furthermore, the focus on renewables and energy transformation is affecting our sector in the way operations are being designed. A variety of projects are taking up renewable energy as an alternative to traditional diesel power. 

As highlighted in the recent budget handed down by the State Government, the WA resources industry is a strong performer, and the sector in the Mid West is no exception.  There is certainly a sense of optimism for our industry and the Mid West region as we progress our journey to develop resources, the community and the use of clean energy. 

Contact: Susan Cull, State Manager – Regional WA