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Economics and Productivity Committee to discuss costs of business

CME’s Economics and Productivity Committee will convene on Wednesday August 4. The meeting will cover the issue of rising cumulative costs of doing business as raised in CME’s recent Pre-Budget Submission, as well as discussing the outcomes from the WA Skill Summit. 

Following the meeting, the Committee will be joined by Sarah Hooper from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Professor Gordon Flake and Dr Jeffrey Wilson from the Perth USAsia Centre to discuss regional geopolitics and trade as it relates to the WA resource sector.   

Behind the scenes: 2019-20 factsheets 

CME recently launched its latest Economic Contribution Factsheets, which can be downloaded here. This year, consultancy firm EY assisted CME with the aggregation and cleansing of survey data and modelled the input-output supply chain effects on the economy. CME also supplemented this data with a range of additional sources for those who did not respond to the survey, such as: 

  • Annual reports – Using statements of comprehensive income and cash flows for operating activities 
  • Tax transparency statements – Many of our members voluntarily report on their payments to governments 
  • Sustainability reports – How members support local economies is typically included in these reports
  • Modern slavery statements – For our larger members, they report on composition of Australian and overseas suppliers. 

Unlike other surveys and publications, CME’s factsheets provide a unique snapshot that extends to an electorate breakdown for the Upper House of WA Parliament. Members interested in benchmarking their economic contributions to the survey cohort should contact CME. 

Designing the 2020-21 surveys 

CME is now embarking on its second inhouse survey collection process. This year, CME will be combining the request for economic contributions with the request for workforce metrics on diversity and inclusion practices.

Members interested in participating in this survey – which will allow you to benchmark your contributions with others – should contact CME via