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Contribution to regional WA highlighted

The resources sector is a strong contributor to regional WA. Based on CME’s 2019-20 economic contribution survey, the sector supported more than 3,100 businesses, 400 community organisations and 58 local governments in regional and remote WA. During this time, the sector directly employed more 24,000 full time residential workers with wages and salaries totalling $3.3 billion. In addition, this spending in regional and remote WA added another 12,756 full-time jobs and $2 billion in gross value add, supporting one in six full-time jobs. 

CME has held a strong and lengthy presence in regional Western Australia, predominantly the South West and Goldfields.  This regional presence has enabled CME to remain connected to industry ‘on the ground’ and understand unique policy issues in each region.  This regional intelligence has supported CME to effectively advocate regional needs to the government of the day.   

The growth of communications technology and social media over the past decade has increased community interest in environmental, social and ethical matters.  As such, community perception of the sector has changed, with increased expectations on further resources sector development to be closely aligned with community values. There has never been a more important time than now for strong, engaging and proactive relationship management to directly engage with community members, to build a shared understanding of local needs, issues, and concerns and maintain community support.  

In addition to our physical presence in the South West and Goldfields region, CME is excited to create a North West presence and we are now recruiting for a Regional Officer – North West, and opening a physical office.  Having a person ‘on the ground’ in the North West not only sends the message that we are here for the community and the region, but also connect with community members to generate social support, advocate regional issues, and tell members’ stories. CME has a role to play to amplify the positive economic, social and environmental contributions our members make in the regions.   

With a greater presence in the regions, CME and its members will gain greater visibility among surrounding communities, drive improved cross-collaboration and present with a strong aligned regional voice.  In turn, regional communities can be a constructive advocate for industry, whose support is critical to their ongoing success. 

** modelled indirect effects, excludes induced effects 

Contact: Susan Cull, State Manager – Regional WA