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CME to host industry aviation safety forum

At the request of Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), CME will host an industry aviation safety forum in May with CASA, Airservices Australia (AA), airlines and member companies who operate chartered air services within 100 nautical miles of Coondewanna in the Pilbara.  

CASA is seeking to raise awareness of findings from its recently released Airspace Review Pilbara 2020 (report available here).  The forum presents an opportunity for companies operating in the region to inform CASA’s recommendations for managing potential risks and ensuring safety in the airspace.   

Pilbara based companies should contact CME if they would like to participate in this forum.  

Contact:  Linh Nguyen 

Open Consultations:

  • The Economic Regulation Authority has released an issues paper seeking views from stakeholders on the framework and approach for Western Power’s fifth access arrangement review.  Submission deadline: 4 May.