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Discovery – Exploration & Land Access: Juukan Gorge report released

An interim report from the Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia’s inquiry into the events at Juukan Gorge was tabled as expected on December 9. Additional comments from Senator Dean Smith from WA were appended to the report.  

The Committee have now been approved to extend the final reporting date on the inquiry to October 18, 2021. 

The interim report contains seven headline recommendations, each directed specifically at Rio Tinto, the mining industry in WA, the WA Government, the Australian Government and relevant Australian Government ministers.  

CME continues to consider the recommendations included in the report, and published a media release confirming existing positions on the role of the State as the primary regulator of Aboriginal cultural heritage, the importance of localised decision making for heritage outcomes, and the potential for wide-ranging negative impacts arising from a proposed moratorium.  

The reform of WA’s Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation remains the priority for the resources sector heading into 2021. This important reform has been many years in the making, and provides an opportunity to modernise the protection and regulation of Aboriginal cultural heritage in WA.  

CME continues to work alongside members and stakeholders to support the progression of this reform.