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COVID-19 Working Group reconvenes 

Following recent COVID-19 updates, CME has reinstated its COVID-19 working group. Similar to 2020-21, the weekly working group meetings include representatives from CME’s membership, the aviation industry, and allow the opportunity for other relevant stakeholders to join where relevant. The contribution of working group representatives is greatly appreciated by CME, helping ensure a collaborative approach is taken to industry’s COVID-19 response and recovery.   

If you wish to confirm your organisation’s representation on the working group, please contact Laila Nowell (details below) 

WHS Reforms – Exposure Drafts Release 

In late December 2021, DMIRS released exposure drafts of the supporting regulations (the Regulations) to the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 (WHS Act)

The release of the regulations comes further to confirmation from then-Minister Stephen Dawson in the WA Legislative Council, that the implementation of these reforms would be postponed due to delays in the finalisation of the Regulations. Following the release of the exposure drafts of the Regulations, final regulations are expected to be gazetted in March 2022. An exact start date for the WHS reforms was not confirmed by the minister in Parliament. CME expects the start date would occur soon after gazettal. 

For further information on the WHS Reforms, please contact Laila Nowell (details below). 

Contact: Laila Nowell, Senior Policy Adviser – People & Safety
Email: L.Nowell@cmewa.com