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CME surveys raise thousands for charities

This year, we trialled a charitable donations program to incentivise participation in CME’s annual survey request. For surveys which were completed before our initial deadline, they were eligible to nominate one of three charities for CME to donate $500 towards. For any remaining surveys completed before Wednesday 8 December, a $25 donation would be made. 

Since the surveys went live in September, we have received responses from 34 members. Collectively, we’ve raised $10,125 from this initiative and almost a third of this will be going towards the Aurora Foundation. The foundation assists Indigenous high school students in Perth and Bunbury to complete Year 12 and transition to university. 

This is also our last call for members yet to complete one of the two surveys – our 2020-21 economic contributions and 2021 diversity and inclusion survey. Please get in touch with survey@cmewa.com if you’d like to participate but require an extension. 

Improving payment practices in the construction industry 

Come August 1, 2022, the way payments for construction works carried out in WA under new contracts will change to be more like the East Coast model of operation. The new Building and Security Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2021 (WA), which replaces the Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA), will establish new statutory rights to payment claims (and therefore the potential to override contractual provisions). This will materially affect timeframes to respond to payment claims from 42 to now 20 days. 

To support implementation of the Act in providing protections to contractors, draft regulations have been proposed here. There is an opportunity also to comment on associated policy matters such as the definition of construction work that should fall under these new laws. 

Please see our policy update here for a summary of the key proposed changes to the SOP laws. Members interested in contributing to a CME submission before the January 2022 deadline should get in touch with L.Nguyen@cmewa.com.  

Local government reforms 

Given COVID-19 interruptions over the last 18 months, it’s a pleasant surprise to see progress on local government reforms being prioritised in this term of government. 

As we have seen with multiple Show Cause Notices and Authorised Inquiries, a new local government Act that is focused on prevention and best practice is needed to prevent poor governance and dysfunction. The department is therefore seeking input on the identified reform areas before February 2022. Please see our policy update here for a summary of the consultation reform areas. 

Members interested in contributing to a CME submission should get in touch with L.Nguyen@cmewa.com and request to be added to the Local Government Interest Group distribution list. 

Contact: Linh Nguyen, Policy Adviser – Industry Competitiveness
Email: l.nguyen@cmewa.com